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It's just a normal day in sphero world factory...WHEN SUDDENLY BOXES START FALLING! Be quick and dodge them! See how long you can last against the thousands of boxes! (We lasted 5 seconds...) 

-This is our first game, and we tried to make it in 10 minutes

-We know there are glitches, but it's 15 minutes, soooo

-Be sure to create a NEW FOLDER to download it to!

-To use, run the "Another Day In The Factory.exe"

-Yes there are other files, but that just comes with the unity build.

-Be sure to run in WINDOWED MODE

-Also shenanigans because you downloaded a unity game from the internet are bound to cause problems with Windows Defender...(Don't worry we tested it, it's safe!) 


FullGame.zip 23 MB

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